Gabriela Godoi

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This zine is a compilation of a few dialogues and monologues I have with myself and others; “collected” over the years, they inform who I am. I do not address these words to anyone in particular, but rather use them to establish a performative character for the viewer. The speeches I present in this zine appear as angry but vigorous calls to radical shifts in ways of learning and knowing, inviting the reader to have access to my personal and informal speeches—often neglected in an academic patriarchal capitalist system, but nonetheless part of my creative process and embedded knowledge.

By presenting and even exposing that which was exchanged in a personal—sometimes private—situation is an attempt to exacerbate the male-driven misogynist society in which I live in and is. By sharing this, I am not only empowering other women but myself in what can many times often be considered exclusionary and uncomfortable discourse.

This informal language and its affective energy also reflect how sexuality often is present when insulting something or someone, and its association to violent action. The use of bad language presented in my writings are all a part of my desire to be heard and the ability to purge this somehow.