Gabriela Godoi works primarily with painting and intimately formed objects. Such modes of communication allows her to question, poke fun at, and play with issues of identity, intersubjective relations, the body and sexuality. Working with representational methods and materials that reflect notions of the bodily and the abject, she explores binaries of figure and ground, revealing and concealing, the self and the other. It is through these mechanisms that Godoi obtains agency in the attempt to resist, disrupt and claim space within an exclusionary history.  
Godoi is a Brazilian artist based in Vancouver, BC. She graduated from the MFA program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2017 and holds a BFA from F.A.A.P. (São Paulo - Brazil). Recent exhibitions include O negativo é o primário at capsula (São Paulo) and Mother Tongue at Dynamo Arts Association (Vancouver).
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